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I Signed up For SHOP, but it takes Forever to Process Enrollments and Terminations. How Can I Speed it up?

Once you have set up your health insurance plan, you need to take the responsibility of managing the details of signing up and dropping employees as you go throughout the course of business. You can add new employees onto the medical plan when they are hired or after they have completed a probationary period. Once an employee has elected which plan they want to be on, it stays that way until they change it through open enrollment, until they have a qualifying status change, or until the employee leaves your company.

In order to ensure that you are prepared for the processing of termination papers, keep track of the following details in the event that it happens. To terminate coverage for an employee who is no longer eligible, you can submit this information through the mail, but you can expect for it to take 10 calendar days. If that does not work for your timeframe, submit the information online at This means that the termination is processed within minute so long as it has been input by you, the employee, or a Certified Insurance Agent. Allowing for time to do this online can save you the waiting period and give you instant confirmation that you have done everything properly, which can save you both time and aggravation. You won’t have to follow up and ensure information was received because you will get confirmation right away.

Likewise, you can use the online process when you are adding a new employee. If this falls outside the open enrollment period, you should know that a new employee is eligible for coverage on the first day of the month outside of your company’s waiting period, although that waiting period cannot exceed 60 days. You can simply log on to the Covered CA website and begin the process of enrolling the new employee by adding them to your employee roster, which will then give the employee access to start their own application.

Although you can submit changes to your Covered CA plan for enrollment and termination through the mail, it will be expedited much more quickly if you submit this information online. You’ll get instant confirmation and satisfaction in knowing that you have saved time and taken the most expeditious route for changes.