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Matrix Insurance has been providing a cost saving and effective tailor made product to our Company . Sunny Sethi is easily approachable and has sound knowledge about Medical and Dental Insurance. He understands the needs of individual and tailors the product that suits to client. His service is excellent. I highly recommend to any one for their insurance needs.

—Written By S.S.,Los Angeles, CA

Matrix Insurance Company has been providing a cost saving and effective tailor made product to our Company since so many years. I am very much impressed with their services duly offered by Sunny Sethi. I have no problem recommending to any one looking for their insurance needs.

—Written By J.G.,Sunnyvale, CA

Until I met Sunny, we had been paying high premiums for our health coverage. Our existing agent would not bother getting better deals for us. Sunny came in just couple weeks prior to our renewal. He worked hard and got us a deal which was far better than what we had from cost perspective and at the same time our coverage remained the same. He was very prompt in his response and made sure that our coverage got effective prior to the renewal. Even after the initial paper work was done, he continued to follow up with getting us the Id cards, online access, etc. I highly recommend Sunny to all companies who are looking for better health plans.

—Written By S.S.,Fremont, CA

Teck and Albert were referred to me several years ago by my partner; I was reluctant to employ their services at first because I had a long established relationship with another health insurance provider, and I had many other friends and clients, who sell or broker health insurance, who were begging for our business. Our reluctance quickly dissipated, however, as Teck and Albert both provided extraordinary service, exemplary patience, and a tremendous store of knowledge. We all ended up with lower rates and much more competitive health insurance plans. Particularly impressive was the extra effort they went to in order to get one of our employees (a young, single Mom) insured for a major and very serious operation that was a result of a pre-existing condition. Teck and Albert are fantastic at what they do. We will always use them as our primary insurance provider as our company continues to grow, and we could NOT be more impressed. I STRONGLY recommend Teck and Albert.

—Written By J.V.,Walnut Creek, CA

Teck Wong has definitely helped me and my family with medical insurance coverage by advising me to apply for Cal Cobra when I was laid off, to obtain an 80% discount on the insurance premium for 18 months! When that program ran out, he has submitted some aggressive quotes to obtain the same medical coverage at a lower premium and also helped with the application for the cheaper coverage! Thank you, Teck, for your support and help.

—Written By B.F.,Fremont, CA

Great to work with Sunny to easy our health insurance process. Our new and existing employees are comfortable working with them to get what they want.

—Written By J.P.,Santa Clara, CA

You have been ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT in your advice - extremely knowledgeable, highly professional and what else - i am at loss for words to appreciate your help.

—Written By V.I.,Fremont, CA

Gaurav is a great guy who works for you with you, keeping very well in mind the client requirements. Doesn't hesitate to tell you hard facts, but at the same time, has a solution for most issues in matters regarding insurance.

—Written By A.K.,Sunnyvale, CA

Reflecting on 25 years of purchasing business insurance products, Sunny exemplifies how agents ought to service their clientele. Thank you again.

—Written By J.G.,New Jersey

Setting up a customized healthplan for our company was complex and time-consuming. With the help of an exceptional broker, Sunny Sethi, whom we can totally rely to meet our organization’s insurance needs, we have more time to focus on the real thing.. that is our business. With his expertise in the field along with prompt & personalized customer service we are guaranteed to get the best available coverage for the most affordable price.

—Written By M.G.,Fremont, CA