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What is the California Health Insurance Exchange?

Beginning in 2014, the state health insurance exchange, known as Covered California, will go live. This is an online marketplace where consumers can browse through and select their health insurance plan. Part of the Affordable Care Act aims to provide accessible and affordable care options for every American, and Covered California will be the go-to site for weighing your options.

On the Covered California websites, cost-effective private health plans will be available with some important upgrades from previous health insurance plans. The plans offered by these companies, for example, can’t be canceled, and coverage also cannot be denied for what’s known as a “pre-existing condition.” Prior to this mandate, insurance carriers were able to decline coverage if the applicant’s past health history indicated a serious problem or medical issue. Also, new health plans are required to cover certain treatments that are deemed “essential”, mostly those that are considered preventive.

With the opportunity to achieve insurance online, consumers will be able to sort through several different plan options. Applicants won’t be entirely on their own, however. Phone and in-person assistance will be available to all people shopping for their health insurance coverage. Health insurance agents, for example, will also still be able to provide their insight on the best decision for your family. Why stress out about what to choose and how it will affect your budget and coverage when you could receive the guidance of an experienced professional?

Consumers will have a multitude of plan options to select from, all geared at providing affordable options for today’s families. This is a big leap forward for the many families going without coverage, and the health insurance exchange in California provides flexibility and choices regardless of your coverage needs.