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What Will Be The Steps to Apply for Health Insurance Through California’s Health Insurance Exchange? How Can Matrix Insurance Agency help me?

The final application for California’s Health Insurance Exchange “Covered California” has not been released yet, but it’s based on a draft developed at the federal level. The federal application draft is approximately 15 pages long for a 3 person family, and a single applicant will only be required to go through six pages. The application will require the entry of personal data and selecting information from drop-down menus. The applications is geared towards being applicant-friendly, guiding the individual inputting information through the process.

The actual application will be available online, although law also mandates that it’s available in person, over the phone, and by mail. Consumers will benefit from this mandate in being able to fill out an application in the manner most comfortable for them.

California’s Health Care Options Matrix is another way to learn about the types of available plans and help to narrow down your choices. The matrix outlines that those with a platinum and gold plan will have no deductible, whereas the silver and bronze plans will have a medical deductible in addition to higher copays. To learn the exact details of California’s exchange, check out the matrix online.

Although the process can be done online, some individuals or families may feel more comfortable with some extra guidance in selecting a plan and engaging with this new system. In-person assisters will be available in addition to telephone support, but meeting with a health insurance agent is another way to learn more about your options. Agents have years of experience in reading the fine print of various plans and helping to parse out the different benefits and values associated with the plan. You can avoid getting frustrated with the process by setting up a meeting with your agent in advance.