Every person and business is unique.

Your health plan should be, too.
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Who is Matrix Insurance Agency?

Matrix Insurance Agency helps small to mid-sized businesses with group health plans, global health plans, commercial insurance, and individual/family health plans. Our goal is to offer comprehensive and affordable solutions through our expertise with a wide range of services and products. We provide a personalized service by listening to what you want and customizing a design that best satisfies your individual or business objectives.

The service you want and deserve

When you talk with us, we don’t just give you a quote and send you on your way. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you the service you want and deserve. Every person and every business is different, and Matrix understands this. It is why we also take the time to strategically design your health plan.

Global: Specialized health insurance for global employees

Matrix Insurance Agency offers specialized health insurance plans for your global employees—from companies you know and trust. Our plans give your employees necessary healthcare benefits, whether they live and work in the United States or travel internationally.

Group: Health insurance plans for your employees

Comprehensive benefits are a massive part of an employee’s compensation package, and they need to understand their coverage. We work with you to provide the best coverage options and education for your employees so they feel comfortable with their plan and healthcare options.

Commercial insurance: Plans for your business

As a business owner, if you have to deal with the costs associated with property damage and liability claims without insurance, it could be financially devastating. Commercial insurance will save you time, money, and stress so you can focus on running your business.

Individual/Family: Plans for you and your family

You wouldn’t leave your home without locking your door, so you shouldn’t go through the day without having insurance. If you’re looking for affordable plans that keep up with you and your family’s lifestyle, we offer a variety of health plans and coverage options.

A health plan that’s uniquely you

We offer more than just the typical health plan. We listen to what you want and get you what you need, because we understand that a health plan is not a one-size-fits-all deal.

We have been working with Matrix Team for over a decade, and truly admire them. Matrix is one of the best insurance providers based in the NorCal Bay Area, and I would highly recommend their services. Matrix Team is very personable, and you can trust them and their very credible insurance services.
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